Dr. Guillermo Padrón (associate editor)

Guillermo Padrón (Associate editor)


I have been associated with the Pan American Journal of Public Health since 2001, working as an author, associate editor, and executive editor. In these 20 years of uninterrupted work, I have grown personally and professionally thanks to the Journal and each and every of my colleagues: directors, editors, and technical personnel.

In its first 100 years, the Journal has experienced more and less difficult times. It has been a witness to––and, I believe, also a driving force in––transformations in public health in the Region and around the globe. Many of its articles and editorials have provided important guidance and have contributed to advances in science and health, thanks to its eminently knowledgeable and professional technical team and authors, and to the invaluable contribution of its beloved and indispensable reviewers, whose work as a united team has led to the rigorous standards and prestige that the Journal enjoys today.


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