Dr. Alafia Samuels (researcher and guest editor)

Dra. Alafia Samuels

As  guest editor of the special issue "Ten years of the Port of Spain Declaration on NCDs", I had the honor of writing four editorials and eleven articles for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), with specialized documentation and analysis on the status of interventions for these conditions in the subregion and in other small island developing states.

Compiling research, following up on the peer reviews, and then publishing the new knowledge emerging in the Caribbean responded to the objectives that CARICOM had proposed at its meeting of government leaders in 2007. 

Feedback showed that the special issue has been one of the most read issues, and that it was a driving force for a new project in the subregion called "Improving household nutrition security and public health in CARICOM."

The Caribbean Community working on noncommunicable diseases joins in the celebration of 100 years of the Pan American Journal of Public Health and its contribution to promoting public health knowledge and interventions in the Americas.


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