Risk management system to reduce COVID-19 infection in health personnel

Trejo et al.


To assess the occupational factors associated with the occurrence of COVID-19 in health personnel who were exposed to different magnitudes of risk and who followed the United Nations crisis management policy for COVID-19.


Cross-sectional survey conducted between April and May 2021. The low-risk group (LRG) were considered to be those who had minimal contact with patients; the medium-risk group (MRG) had contact with non-COVID-19 patients and did not perform instrumental airway intervention; and the high-risk group (HRG) were those who cared for COVID-19 patients and performed instrumental intervention with aerosol generation. Diagnosed COVID-19 disease and the presence of positive IgG antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 measured with Elecsys® anti-SARS-CoV-2 were considered as outcomes.


Outcome recorded in 43.8% of the LRG, versus 46.7% in the MRG (odds ratio [OR]: 1.125; 95% confidence interval [CI 95% ]: 0.896–1.414; p = 0.311), and 48.6% in the HRG (OR: 1,214; CI 95%: 0.964–1.530; p= 0.10).


Belonging to the high-risk group and the medium-risk group, based on the degree of exposure to confirmed COVID-19 patients in the work area, was not associated with a higher occurrence of disease or seroconversion.

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