Whole-genome sequencing for surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in Ecuador: present and future implications

Calero-Cáceres et al.

Whole-genome sequencing is becoming the gold standard for pathogen characterization and offers considerable advantages for understanding the evolution and dissemination of new determinants of antimicrobial resistance. Despite the benefits of whole-genome sequencing for pathogen characterization, implementation costs and lack of expertise may limit its use by public health laboratories. This article reviews the advantages of whole-genome sequencing for pathogen characterization and the current status of the use of whole-genome sequencing for antimicrobial resistance surveillance in Ecuador. A roadmap is suggested for including whole-genome sequencing for pathogen characterization based on the needs of the health reference institutions through alliances with Ecuadorian universities. Establishing a partnership between public health institutions and academia would be valuable for clinicians, policy-makers, and epidemiologists who could then take reasonable measures in those areas and establish a basis for adapting One Health strategies to tackle antimicrobial resistance in Ecuador.

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