Understanding advanced practice nursing as a step towards its implementation in Brazil

Andriola et al.


To describe the elements of the practice of certified nurse-midwives and women's health nurse practitioners in the context of the United States of America in order to facilitate the implementation of advanced practice nursing in Brazil.


Exploratory case study describing elements of advanced practice nursing in one of the largest hospitals in New York City, United States of America. The practice of certified nurse-midwives and women's health nurse practitioners was observed between April and May 2019. The data were analyzed inductively and a category scheme was developed from the analysis of field notes.


The results were organized into the following categories: activities that are commonly performed; foundations that support practice; differential function of these professionals; interaction with other health professionals; barriers to practice; facilitating elements; and results of the practice.


The observation of advanced practice nursing in another context, such as the United States, is a relevant step in the process of its implementation in Brazil. Nursing professionals and other stakeholders need to understand this practice in order to truly support the implementation process.

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