Prioritization criteria in policies and management of human resources for health: a proposal for a validated methodology

Oliveira et al.


To create and validate criteria for prioritizing problems related to policies and management of the health workforce. 


This methodological study was divided into three stages. First, the criteria were elaborated by means of a systematized literature review. Second, the criteria were evaluated online by a committee of judges comprised of eight specialists. In the third stage, an evaluation was carried out by the target audience in a hybrid workshop. The participants evaluated the material using the Suitability Assessment of Materials instrument, adapted for the research. 


Three prioritization criteria (relevance, window of opportunity and acceptability) and a scoring scale were developed based on the literature review. In the evaluation by the committee of judges, the approval percentage of the criteria and prioritization method was 84%. Modifications were made based on suggestions in relation to the material presented to the specialists. In the pre-test stage, the approval percentage varied by item, with six of them reaching a maximum approval of 100% (corresponding to approximately 46% of the items), four reaching 92% and three achieving 83% each, indicating positive results. 


The developed criteria were considered valid for use in the context of policies and management in the area of human resources for health

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