Strengthening locally led research to respond to the sexual and reproductive health and rights of migrants from Venezuela and Central America

Brizuela et al.

[Extract...] In 2018, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) established mass migration as a priority health issue in national, sub-regional, and regional agendas (1). In recent years, two simultaneous mass migratory phenomena in the Americas are occurring as people from Central American countries and Venezuela migrate to other countries in the Region. As of December 2022, approximately 7.13 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants had left their country, with 5.99 million relocating to other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (2). Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador bear the heaviest burden of migration, with over 4.47 million migrants from Venezuela currently being hosted in those countries. The United Nations Refugee Agency has called this “the largest displacement of people in the history of Latin America” with Venezuelan migration second only to Syria (3) [...].

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