Social and political crisis in Chile: the demand for universal access to health and universal health coverage

Artaza Barrios y Méndez

In Chile, economic development has not resolved deep inequalities. Today, attempts are being made to solve an intense political and social crisis sparked in October 2019 by a hike in public transport fares. A decade after initial implementation of the last health system reform, this continues to be a priority area of public concern––and part of what citizens are now demanding. This social movement is proposing new reforms that will require consensus in order to be viable from a technical and political standpoint. The necessary changes in the health field cannot be postponed. Among other measures, it is necessary to implement transformations in health providers in both the public and private sectors, toward a model that is structured around integrated networks and based on a primary health care strategy. This will make it possible to align human and financial resources with universal access to health and universal health coverage, effectively and efficiently meeting the health needs of people and communities.

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