Shared development of prostate cancer education material

Santos et al.

Objective. To describe the process of shared development of a prostate cancer education booklet.

Methods. A participant observation study was performed with a convenience sample which initially included a group of 16 co-workers (15 men and one woman) to gather information for the development of educational material. The first draft was assessed by eight specialists (five specialists in early cancer detection, one specialist in urology, and two communication specialists) and by a different group of 21 co-workers from the same company (18 men and three women). The booklet addressed the risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening.

Results. The participants were not aware of the Brazilian Health Ministry recommendation against prostate cancer screening. The group discussed their doubts and perceptions regarding the theme. The final booklet, which became a publication by the José Alencar Gomes da Silva National Cancer Institute (INCA), was evaluated by participants and specialists.

Conclusions. The participation of men in the development and assessment of the material confirmed the pressing need to disseminate information regarding the risks and potential damage associated with prostate cancer screening. Educational materials should not be treated as independent items, but rather as complementary resources to be used as part of shared, critical, and creative educational initiatives.

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