Trends in tracheal, bronchial and lung cancer attributed to smoking in South America: Global Burden of Disease analysis 1990-2019

Salerno et al.


To investigate the burden of tracheal, bronchus, and lung (TBL) cancer due to tobacco exposure in the last 30 years in 12 South American countries. 


We used the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) 2019 exposure-response function to analyze the total tobacco, smoking, and secondhand smoke exposure-related TBL cancer deaths and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), for 12 South American countries, between 1990 and 2019. Metrics were described as absolute numbers or rates per 100 000 individuals. The relative change in burden was assessed by comparing the 1990-1994 to 2015-2019 periods. 


In 2019, the all-ages number of TBL cancer deaths and DALYs associated with tobacco exposure in South America was 29 348 and 658 204 in males and 14 106 and 318 277 in females, respectively. Age-adjusted death and DALYs rates for the region in 2019 were 182.8 and 4035 in males and 50.8 and 1162 in females, respectively. In males, 10/12 countries observed relative declines in TBL death rates attributed to tobacco exposure while only 4 countries reduced their mortality in females. 


While significant efforts on tobacco control are under place in South America, substantial burden of TBL cancer persists in the region with significant sex-specific disparities. Increased country-specific primary data on TBL cancer and tobacco exposure is needed to optimize healthcare strategies and improve comprehension of regional trends.

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