Recommendations for the development of resilient health systems in the Americas


This article offers opinion and analysis outlining strategic lines of action to build resilient health systems while promoting recovery in the post-COVID-19 pandemic period, with a view to maintaining and protecting public health gains. It contextualizes the challenges and opportunities in the Region of the Americas and offers recommendations for implementation of the strategic lines. It is urgent to promote the development of resilient health systems through the implementation of four lines of action defined in the strategy adopted by the Member States of the Pan American Health Organization in September 2021. The transformation of health systems must be based on the adoption of an integrated model of primary health care, a priority focus on the essential public health functions, strengthening of integrated health service networks, and increased public funding, especially for the first level of care. Implementation of these lines of action is focused not only on consolidating immediate crisis response; it is also framed within efforts toward the recovery and sustainable development of health systems, reducing their structural vulnerabilities to better prepare the response to future crises.

Article's language
Opinion and analysis