Core competencies for public health teaching: regional framework for the Americas

Suárez Conejero et al.


To present the Regional Core Competency Framework for Public Health (RCCFPH) and the methodology used for its development


A participatory methodology was used for this descriptive study, using techniques such as questionnaires, discussions, pair work, extreme cases, jigsaw, data evaluation matrices, iterative reviews, and comparative analyses. The study was carried out over nine stages, bringing together experts from public health institutions and schools, as well as primary health care professionals in the Americas.


The primary result is the RCCFPH, which is organized around 10 competency domains, all favoring comprehensive teaching. The primary focus is on the disciplinary domain, along with the educational domain. The remaining domains are common to the teaching of any discipline, but each competence was formulated for use within the field of public health, which is what differentiates this framework from others. It is proposed as a regional tool for use from multiple perspectives


The domains and competencies encourage a new perspective on comprehensive teacher training in public health. The RCCFPH can be used as a tool to assess teaching skills and improve the quality of teaching in the Region. It can foster cooperation among educational institutions and is proposed as a facilitator for a Latin American community of practice to address new challenges in public health.

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