Permanent professional development in health through the Virtual Campus for Public Health in Colombia (2012-2019)

Hernández Rincón et al.


Reconstruct the experience of the Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH) from 2012 to 2019 in Colombia.


The experience of public health training through the VCPH in Colombia in the period 2012-2019 was systematized. The information is presented in cross-section time series to show the evolution of the VCPH in Colombia over time.


A total of 2 627 health professionals took tutored courses and 34 012 followed self-learning courses on relevant, up-to-date, priority public health issues. An important aspect was the opportunity to access remote regions through VCPH training processes that were cost-free for end users. The experience highlights the relevance of the VCPH in reducing the gap in updated human talent in the health field through virtual education with diversity in its modalities and content.


Reconstruction of the experience in Colombia showed how the VCPH evolved and strengthened to offer quality training processes that respond to the country's problems and needs. Collaborative work between universities and the Pan American Health Organization resulted in consolidation of the VCPH.

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