No evidence supports the use of ether and chloroform inhalation for treating COVID-19

Martins-Filho and Santos


SARS-CoV-2 has been spreading rapidly across the world as well as the number of fake news on social media regarding harmful or non-harmful treatments which are ineffective for treating COVID-19. The fear and uncertainty have led people to consume and share mistrust and misinformation on the Internet. Since the first confirmed case in Brazil, fake news about the effectiveness of an ether and chloroform blend known as “lança perfume” or “loló” were spread on social media. Google searches revealed a high level of interest on this topic, especially in the North and Northeast regions.

There is evidence from human and animal studies that chloroform may lead to hepatic, renal and cardiovascular injury. Furthermore, there is no evidence supporting claims that ether and chloroform inhalation is useful in the treatment of COVID-19. Authorities should reinforce the need to seek information from government agencies and national and international health organizations.

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