Lung cancer mortality trends in Colombia, 1985-2018

Giraldo-Osorio et al.


To determine lung cancer mortality trends in Colombia during the period 1985-2018 in the population aged 35 years and over and identify changes in the trend.


Analysis of mortality time series. The specific standardized rates by sex and age group were calculated. Using joinpoint regression, the annual percentage change in the rates was estimated and points of change were identified.


During the period 1985-2018, 105 553 deaths from lung cancer were reported in the population aged 35 and over. The standardized rates exhibit a downward trend during the period 1985-2005, except in people over the age of 64.


Lung cancer death rates in Colombia are trending downward. Primary and secondary prevention measures with respect to tobacco use need to be enhanced and other risk factors, such as residential radon or occupation, monitored.

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