Information systems for health: an analysis of design from a public policy perspective

D’Agostino et al.

In 2019, the Pan American Health Organization approved a regional policy known as the Plan of Action for Strengthening Information Systems for Health 2019-2023, the design of which is the subject of this article. This analysis was carried out from the point of view of the development of the plan of action, as well as its implementation, in the light of the theoretical concepts of Harold Lasswell and Charles Lindblom. In the study of this policy, consideration was given to context, focus on problems, diversity, and the variety of methods used. The impartial search for the public interest, design of practical policies, needs of public officials, and provision of recommendations are discussed. The policy can be implemented regardless of the administrative configuration of countries and territories, or the political power that other institutions may exercise. Its design is oriented toward universal access to health services in the countries of the Americas, taking into account cultural and linguistic diversity, including indigenous populations, which shows that it was contextualized for a region with high rates of inequities.

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