Chronic care for patients with post-COVID-19 syndrome after discharge from an intensive care unit

Rojas Cárdenas et al.


To describe the clinical features of patients with post-COVID-19 syndrome who have recently been discharged from intensive care units (ICUs) included in a chronic care program in Colombia.


Descriptive case series study of a cohort of patients with post-COVID-19 syndrome who entered the Remeo® chronic care program between July 2020 and May 2021. Clinical features, complications, and treatments are described.


Among patients in the program discharged from an ICU, 122 cases of post-COVID-19 syndrome were identified. These patients continued in the program. The mean age was 66.9 years (CI 64–68); 62.29% were men, 88.9% (109) had a tracheostomy, 72.8% (90) had a gastrostomy, and 99% required supplemental oxygen. In the first four months, 9,518 interventions were carried out, including physical therapy (x¯:20.7), occupational therapy (x¯:10.9), respiratory therapy (x¯:41.4), and psychology (x¯:4.8).


The chronic care program was an option for patients with post-COVID-19 syndrome recently discharged from an ICU, with a view to minimizing ICU occupation rates and facilitating patients' return to their homes.

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