Removing breeding sites for aedes mosquito

Chikungunya, an arboviral disease previously unknown in the Americas, became an epidemic in the Region after its first indigenous circulation was reported in December 2013.  From that point on, the epidemic spread throughout the Region at an unprecedented pace, and the generation of scientific knowledge that has an impact on public health has become a high priority. Determining the virus’ swift geographical spread from 2013 onward, optimizing ongoing surveillance and control methods, and characterizing the ecological factors that promote this vector-borne disease are some of the areas that stand to benefit from the generation of chikungunya-related scientific research. 

This special edition of the Pan American Journal of Public Health aims to provide a platform for disseminating new research from a public health perspective, and help to bridge some of the evidence gaps in the response to the chikungunya epidemic. 

Chikungunya: first emergent arbovirosis in the XXI century in the Americas [Chikunguña: primera arbovirosis emergente en el siglo XXI en las Américas]

Marcos Espinal 
Editorial | PDF (English/español) | Published 29 June 2017 |

Development of in-house serological methods for diagnosis and surveillance of chikungunya [Desarrollo de métodos serológicos propios para el diagnóstico y la vigilancia del chikunguña]

Saira Saborío Galo, Karla González, Yolanda Téllez, Nadezna García, Leonel Pérez, Lionel Gresh, Eva Harris, and Ángel Balmaseda
Original Research | Abstract/PDF | Published 29 June 2017 |

Public health response and lessons learned from the 2014 chikungunya epidemic in Grenada [Respuesta de salud pública y enseñanzas 
extraídas de la epidemia de chikunguña del 2014 en Granada]

Martin S. Forde, Francis Martin, George Mitchell, and Satesh Bidaisee
Special Report | Abstract/PDF | Published 29 June 2017 |

Caracterización clínica y epidemiológica de fiebre chikungunya en México
[Clinical and epidemiological characterization of chikungunya fever in Mexico]

Carolina Garay-Morán, Juan Francisco Román-Pedroza, Irma López-Martínez, 
José Cruz Rodríguez-Martínez, Cuitláhuac Ruiz-Matus, Pablo Kuri-Morales y José Alberto Díaz-Quiñonez
Brief Communication | Abstract/PDF | Published 29 June 2017 |

Seroprevalencia y tasa de ataque clínica por chikungunya en Nicaragua, 2014-2015 
[Chikungunya seroprevalence and clinical case rate  in Nicaragua, 2014-2015]

Ministerio del Poder Ciudadano para la Salud de Nicaragua
Original Research |Abstract/PDF | Published 29 June 2017 |

Chikungunya: important lessons from the Jamaican experience 
[Chikunguña: enseñanzas importantes de la experiencia jamaiquina]

Jacqueline Duncan, Kelly Ann Gordon-Jvohnson, Marshall K Tulloch-Reid, 
Karen Webster-Kerr, Colette Cunningham-Myrie, Kacey Ernst, Nathlee McMorris, 
Andriene Grant, Marcia Graham, and Daisylyn Chin
Original Research | Abstract/PDF |Published 29 June 2017 |

Chikungunya virus outbreak in Sint Maarten, 2013–2014 [Brote de virus del chikungunya en Sint Maarten, 2013-2014]

Maria Henry, Lorraine Francis, Virginia Asin, Karen Polson-Edwards,and Babatunde Olowokure
Brief Communication | Abstract/PDF | Published 29 June 2017 |

Evaluation of three commercially-available chikungunya virus Immunoglobulin G immunoassays [Evaluación de tres inmunoensayos comercializados de inmunoglobulina G para el diagnóstico del virus del chikunguña]

Pablo M. De Salazar, Anne Marie Valadere, Christin H. Goodman, and Barbara W. Johnson 
Brief Communication | Abstract/PDF | Published 29 June 2017 |

First detection of dengue and chikungunya viruses in natural populations of Aedes aegypti in Martinique during the 2013–2015 concomitant outbreak  [Primera detección del virus del dengue y del chikunguña en poblaciones naturales de aedes aegypti en Martinica durante el brote concomitante del 2013 al 2015]

Laurence Farraudière, Fabrice Sonor, Said Crico, Manuel Étienne, Laurence Mousson, Rodolphe Hamel, Dorothée Missé, Anna-Bella Failloux, Frédéric Simard, 
and André Yébakima
Brief Communication |  Abstract/PDF | Published 29 June 2017 |

Clinical manifestations of chikungunya among university professors and staff in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic [Manifestaciones clínicas del chikunguña en profesores y personal universitario de Santo Domingo (República Dominicana)]

Michael A. Zingman, Amarilis Then Paulino, and Matilde Peguero Payano
Original Research | Abstract/PDF | Published 29 June 2017 |

Minimum infectious dose for chikungunya virus in Aedes aegypti and Ae. Albopictus mosquitoes [Dosis infecciosa mínima del virus del chikunguña en los mosquitos Aedes aegypti y Ae. albopictus]

Jeremy P. Ledermann, Erin M. Borland, and Ann M. Powers
Brief Communication |  Abstract/PDF | Published 29 June 2017 |