Health system reform in Ecuador

Doctor examining patient

In 2008, Ecuador’s Constitution recognized the right to health with an integrated vision that considers health vital to the exercise of other human rights. To accommodate this vision, and the increase in demand for health services, Ecuador initiated a comprehensive reform of its health system.

This special issue of the Pan American Journal of Public Health examines Ecuador’s recent experience in health system reform through a series of articles on specific areas that have undergone major transformations. The articles present the accomplishments and remaining challenges while encouraging health leaders in other countries to implement the changes their health systems need to advance toward universal health.

Health systems reform in the quest for universal health

Carissa F. Etienne
Editorial | PDF | Published 15 May 2017 |

Health reform in Ecuador

Verónica Espinosa, Cecilia Acuña , Daniel de la Torre, Gina Tambini
Editorial | PDF | Published 15 May 2017| 

Health technology assessment in Ecuador’s Ministry of Public Health as a tool for drug purchasing from 2012 to 2015

Luciana Armijos, Santiago Escalante y Tatiana Villacrés
Special Report | Abstract | PDF | Published 15 May 2017|

Payment mechanisms and financial resources manage­ment for consolidation of Ecuador’s health system

Tatiana Villacrés y Ana Cristina Mena
Special Report | Abstract | PDF | Published 15 May 2017|

Human resources for health in Ecuador’s new model of care

Verónica Espinosa, Daniel de la Torre, Cecilia Acuña y Cristina Cadena
Original Research | Abstract | PDF | Published 15 May 2017|

Active community case-finding for uptake of pregnant and postpartum women in Ecuador

Jakeline Calle Roldán, Cecilia Acuña y Paulina Ríos
Original Research | Abstract PDF | Published 12 May 2017 |

Food labeling in Ecuador: implementation, results, and pending actions

Adrián Alberto Díaz, Paula Mariana Veliz, Gabriela Rivas-Mariño, Carina Vance Mafla, Luz María Martínez Altamirano y Cecilia Vaca Jones
Original Research | Abstract | PDF | Published 15 May 2017| 

Positioning Ecuador in the global health agenda as a result of sector reform

Cristina Luna, Carlos Andrés Emanuele y Daniel De La Torre
Original Research | Abstract | PDF | Published 15 May 2017|

Social inequalities in maternal mortality among the provinces of Ecuador 

Antonio Sanhueza, Jakeline Calle Roldán, Paulina Ríos-Quituizaca, Maria Cecilia Acuña, and Isabel Espinosa
Original Research | Abstract | PDF | Published 18 May 2017