Using MPOWER policies to address tobacco impact on the environment

Aguinaga Bialous

[Extract ] It is now well established that the entire tobacco production and consumption chain harms the environment.(1-10) Although research continues to emerge documenting the extent of the negative impact of tobacco products, as well as electronic nicotine delivery systems and electronic non-nicotine delivery systems, on the environment, and the associated costs of this impact, the evidence is sufficient to warrant a discussion of a range of policies to mitigate current and prevent future harms to the environment caused by these products.

The tobacco industry, cognizant of the growing awareness and concern with the environmental impact of its products has launched a series of initiatives and campaigns allegedly to address this concern. (7,11) However, as with several other voluntary tobacco industry initiatives, these appear to be public relations and corporate social responsibility marketing initiatives, with no real impact on reducing the source of the environmental pollutant: tobacco products.[...]