Regulation of the online sale of medical products: experiences and strategies for Latin America

Rojas-Cortés et al.

The objective of this special report is to present the advances in Latin America on regulation of the online sale of medical products and to offer guidance to national regulatory authorities (NRAs) on planning and implementing strategies to regulate and oversee the e-commerce of medical products. The regulatory advances and the programs and initiatives implemented in four Latin American countries to control the online sale of medical products are presented, including complementary reviews of the literature and reviews of e-commerce control programs of agencies of reference. Based on this review, the following strategies are proposed: strengthening the regulatory and policy framework; strengthening the capacity for oversight; collaboration with national and international authorities and other key players; and communication and awareness-raising with the community and health care professionals. Each of these strategies should be accompanied by specific actions that can serve as guidelines for NRAs in the Americas and in countries with similar contexts, to strengthen their regulatory frameworks and patient and consumer protections.

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