Public health measures during the COVID-19 pandemic in institutions for the protection of children and adolescents in two departments in Colombia

Noreña Herrera et al.


Analyze facilitating processes, obstacles, and effects of the implementation of non-pharmacological public health measures for the prevention of COVID-19 in child and adolescent protection centers in two departments (Antioquia and La Guajira) in Colombia during the period 2020–2021.


Mixed methods study with a convergent parallel design in 13 residential child/adolescent protection facilities in Colombia (11 in Antioquia and two in La Guajira). A questionnaire was given to 145 children and adolescents, and 23 interviews were held with persons responsible for the implementation of measures in the national family welfare system.


The implemented non-pharmacological public health measures did not differ by department; the most complex to implement were physical distancing and restriction of family visits.


In centers for the protection of children and adolescents in Antioquia and La Guajira, non-pharmacological public health measures helped mitigate the spread of the virus in environments considered at-risk.

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