National and regional social observatories of tuberculosis in eight countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Ramírez-Koctong et al.

Ending tuberculosis (TB) requires a multisectoral approach, including participation from organized civil society. With the support of a regional project (OBSERVA TB) financed by the Global Fund, TB social observatories have been created since 2019 in eight countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (Bolivia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, and Peru), as well as a regional TB social observatory, as part of implementation of the ENGAGE-TB approach promoted by the World Health Organization. This article presents the implementation model, advances, and challenges of TB social observatories. As of December 2021, 135 civil society organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean were included in the eight observatories. These are spaces that serve as platforms for social surveillance, policy advocacy, and social monitoring of national TB responses, in addition to contributing to ENGAGE-TB indicators related to TB case detection and support during treatment. It is recommended to consolidate and expand the existing observatories, with the participation of other countries in the LAC region. 

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