Evidence of effectiveness of hospital transition care in the elderly: rapid systematic review

Uchimura et al.


To synthesize the evidence on the effectiveness of hospital transition care in the elderly to support decision-making.


This rapid systematic review followed the recommendations of the Cochrane Rapid Reviews Methods Group. Studies were selected from the PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane Library, and Virtual Health Library (BVS) databases using the following criteria: focus on the elderly as population; provision of hospital transition care as intervention; care as usual (non-transition care) as comparator; and effectiveness of the presence vs. absence of transition care as the outcome, with effectiveness defined as improvement in any evaluated parameter. Systematic reviews published in Portuguese, English, or Spanish, with or without meta-analysis, that assessed hospital transition care in elderly individuals were included. Studies lacking a description of the intervention and target population were excluded.


Of the 207 identified reviews, 18 were included. The studies were conducted in 21 countries, with 10 studies conducted in Europe and one in Brazil. The effectiveness of care for the elderly was demonstrated through increased adherence to medication regimens, reduced adverse events and medication-related errors, improved functional status, reduced falls, and reduced healthcare costs.


Despite the evidence indicating the effectiveness of hospital transition care, further research is needed to develop more robust indicators of clinical improvement and integration into healthcare systems.

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