Evaluating progress and addressing actions to eliminate industrially produced trans-fatty acids in the Americas

Rincón-Gallardo et al.


To evaluate the progress toward the 2023 target for the elimination of industrially produced transfatty acids (IP-TFA) in the Region of the Americas and to highlight the achievements of the four strategic lines of action from the Plan of Action for the Elimination of IP-TFA 2020-2025.


A survey based on the World Health Organization (WHO) REPLACE package was used to collect data. The REPLACE package outlines six strategic action areas (Review, Promote, Legislate, Assess, Create, Enforce) to support the prompt, complete, and sustained elimination of IP-TFA from the food supply. Information was cross-checked and updated until December 2021.


Thirty countries in the Region responded to the survey between November 2019 and July 2020, an 85.7% response rate. As of December 2021, 21 additional indicators of the Regional Plan of Action were met, out of which, four consisted of new enactments of PAHO/WHO best practice policies for the elimination of IP-TFA by countries since baseline data was collected in 2018. This has resulted in a 63.0% increase in the proportion of the population in the Americas protected from consuming IP-TFA in 2021, compared to the baseline in 2018.


Despite results showing progress in the Region, actions are needed to strengthen country capacity building and strategies to eliminate IP-TFA and fully achieve the 2023 goal.

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